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13 février 2013 3 13 /02 /février /2013 22:28

   Pidginisation is a process in which a reduced variety of a language develops as a means of communication between speakers of different languages. They acquire a second language as their common means of communication in a short period of time without any formal teaching. Such a reduced language or pidgin may remain in use for a long time as an auxiliary language. When speakers of different languages start intermarrying, they communicate in the reduced variety and transmit it to their children. There acquire the pidgin language as their first language and through expansion and grammaticalisation creolise it, ie transform it into a new natural language or creole. Most known cases of pidginisation/creolisation involve Indo-European languages (English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish) that were turned into creoles by the slaves exported to the New World from Africa.

The Arabic language, Kees Versteegh

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